Christmas Advent…22!


Hello Everyone,

So excited for Christmas! I have finally got some presents wrapped. I just need one more shopping trip and then I will be ready for the festivities. This year we are having Christmas day in our new home with family. Most of the house is now organised enough for visitors and some rooms even look like rooms.

I am really enjoying my new bathroom. As everything is new I am trying to keep necessary items out and hiding others away. I thought I would show you my chosen items. I often see posts of ‘What’s on my bedside table, but not very often ‘What’s on my sink’.


I don’t actually have all of these products squidged onto the sink edge, most of them sit on the sill, but for picture purposes I popped them together.

In order from left to right:

•Large Baby Cotton pads in a jarThe perfect pads for applying toners. I love having them at hand in a pretty jar.
Alpha H, Liquid Gold Couldn’t live without this product. It has dobe wonders for my skin ( see old post review)
Liz Earle, hot cloth cleanser special lavender edition I can’t believe this is still going, I seem to have had it for ages and I use it every night. I haven’t found a cleanser I love as much as this one yet!
Blanx Whitening tootpaste I have been using this prodct for a while, and although I have no idea if it has whitened ny teeth or not, I love the taste and the feel it gives me teeth.
Betty Walters, hand wash and cream My new set that smells so good and feels lovely!

I need a candle or fragrance stick of some kind to add to this pretty room. Any suggestions?

Happy Blogging! 🙂 xxx


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