Christmas Advent …21!

Hello Everyone,

Today I noticed I had been mentioned in a twitter that included the tag #ff. Now, I had no idea what this meant and had neer seen it before but google tells me it stands for Follow Friday. I am sure you already all know this and I am way behind but I thought it was a really fun idea. I of course have limited knowledge of the in and outs and am not sure if I am meant to recipiate or wether I would need to find different people to announce every week. Please do let me know in the comments below. Until then I shall make up my own rules.

I do have a few beauty & fashion people that I follow on twitter, although most are here on wordpress. I love that twitter gives me an insight into other peoples’ lives. Very nosey indeed! I like to see the pic people pop up and the replies readers write.

Here are some of the people/companies I love reading tweets from at the moment:



Ooo it was fun choosing those! These are all people that tweet regulaly and ones that I always pause at to have a read. I love replying to their comments and am starting to get the hang if favouriting and retweeting too!

Goodnight all,

Happy Blogging!


Please give me your thoughts ...

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