Christmas Advent…19!


Hello Everyone,

This week I have been wearing clothes straight from my packing boxes as I do not have a wardrobe yet 😦
The great thing about moving clothes is that you find lots of items that you forgot about. I found a blouse this morning that I definitely have not made the most of. Here is an outfit of the day for you. Everything I wore today was bought from an inexpensive high street store. The whole outfit cost less than £80.
I am not a fan of seeing myself in pics and therefore find it difficult to take a serious photo without feeling silly, hence the very un-modelesque pose but I hope you enjoy the outfit all the same. :p


Khaki Green Trousers Primark £11
Bird pattern Blouse Sainsburys £16
Gingernut Blazer Select £30
Tan knee high Boots Primark £20
Hair High large bun.

Not long to go until Christmas day! Yay! Must start thinking of what to wear. 🙂

Happy Blogging, xxx


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