Christmas Advent…17!


Hello Everyone,

I have posted lots of party themed makeup ideas recently, and only realised this evening that I haven’t even mentioned hair! Because I have very thin hair, it is hard for me to do anything too spectacular with it. One of my favorite ways to spruce my hair up and add some volune and glamour is to curl or wave it. With the red lip and eyeliner look I have been loving recently, a vintage tighter curl, pinned around the face looks lovely. I also adore a looser, neat wave and a style where the hair follows the same curl all the way down.

There are so many different ways to get a good curl or wave. Here are my top 5:

1. Waving Wand This is a new find for me. I don’t own one but have used my friend’s. It is great for a loose curl/wave and is very easy to use.
2.Hair Straighteners Opposing its name, these are always my trusty go to when I want to curl my hair quickly and easily. Starting bear the too of the hair, turning the straighteners whilst gliding it theough the hair creates a tight curl that can be sprayed in place or left to fall out into a loose curl.
Large Barrel Curling tongs If you have ling hair and you want a loose curl, this is the tool for you. My hair is not quite long enough to get the full effect but I do love the curl you can get from it.
Triple Barrel Curler I actually found this tool wuite difficult to use as placing my hair through the small gap with my hands behind my head left me in a bit of a cofuffle, but once used to it is definitely the best tool for creating a wave rather than a curl.
5. French Plait If you have time on your hands an you want an easy wave, plaiting your hair when it is wet and taking it out the next day is great, especially with longer hair.

Do you have a favourite way of styling your curls and waves?

Happy blogging all xxx


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