Christmas Advent …15!


Hello Everyone,

It has been an exciting day today. I moved into my house, picked up our little puppy and ventured to the new Primark nearby!

I did manage to get a few Christmas gifts and bits for the house, but of course I also popped some items for me in the basket so I thought i would do a mini Primark HAUL.

There were lots of really pretty bits in Primark, but I couldn’t go mad! I already have a lovely fitting pair of skinny jeans from there so thought I eould get them in a frw other colours. I also got some Christmas pants and a maroon blouse. My fave items have to be the ‘Spread The Love’ Pyjamas which I got in size 14-16 as I love baggy long PJ’s, and the funny little animal socks. Not sure if they are rabbits on not but I think they are silly and cute. They are also very soft and comfy with gripped bottoms. I think Nessie my new puppy will enjoy them too! 🙂

Do you have any silly Winter clothing items?

Happy Blogging, xxx


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