Christmas Advent…12!


Hello Everyone,

It’s a late one today.I’ve been shopping for a wardrobe to go in my new house. I have found one, yay, but Ikea don’t have it in stock, boo!

So a quick one today. I love a fake eyelash, although only discovered them a year or so ago. I always thought fake eyelashes were big heavy plastic looking things when I was younger. Obviously whoever I had seen them on did not have a decent pair. Even now I opt for the more natural looking ones, but they are so fantastic for lengthening and thickening your lashes to create a dramatic look!

I have gathered my top 5 fake lashes for you. They all apply easily, are comfortable, and look great. They aren’t in a particular order as it is normally the style I want for different looks that decides what brand I use, but Number 1 are definitely my ultimate fave at the moment.

1. Millie Makintosh by Noveau Lashes £8.99 These are new to the market and are by far my favourite to wear as they are so light and natural. I love the Portobello style for a more subtle look, and the Shoreditch for a more dramatic party look.

2. Eylure Natural Texture £5.35 Style #1 are very natural and fit perfectly on my eyes. They just thicken up the lashes enough to add something special to a makeup look.

3. Ardell Fashion Lashes £5.49 These 100% Human hair lashes are lovely.They feel light and fit well. #117 are my favourites as they are a natural shape.

4. Elegant Lashes £4 Rumour has it, these lashes are made in the same factory as the Mac #1 lashes and are therefore exact dupes, or twins in fact. This is the reason I do not have a Mac pair of lashes on my list. These lashes look and feel exactly the same but for a fraction of the price.

5. Katy Perry Lashes £5.95 I like the style ‘Oh Honey’. They give full volume and a rounded shape to the eye. A little more dramatic than the others, I save these for party time.

I am not very brave with lashes, and of course there are many more interesting and dramatic styles in the collections. Maybe I need to brave something a little more glam sometime soon. Maybe a special pair for Christmas?

What is your favourite lash brand? I fancy some with longer outer lashes to define a cat eye look. Any recommendations?

Happy Blogging! Xxx


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