Christmas Advent…10!


From Parties to Pampering

Hello Everyone,
With all these parties about I thought it was time to post something for pampering time. I have tried lots of high end and high street bath creams and shower gels in my time and I could reel off a long list of ones I love and others I am not so fond of. Instead I thought I would tell you about one that I not only love but prefer to its more expensive ‘orignal’.

Now I’m not sure how you all feel about dupes, especially ones where the idea of the product packaging and names are very similar to that of a high end product. I personally think that yes it is a little cheeky, but for the amount of people that will not be able to afford the ‘real’ product, it can be a lovely alternative.

Philosophy is a brand found in Boots in the UK. Their showers gels promise wonderful scents, ingredients and colour. Yes, they are fun, and yes they are £19 for a bottle. Steep for something that to me isn’t particularly luxurious.

20121210-193045.jpgOn the other end of the scale,Tesco, our British supermarket, sells a brand called TreacleMoon. They have created a shower gel for £4 a bottle that is pretty identical in looks to the Philosophy brand. Cheeky yes, but I have to say I am really impressed with their product and I do have a collection of them in my bathroom. Not only do they smell fresh, fruity and creamy, they also lather well and leave my skin feeling soft and smelling great! Comparing the quite strong smelling product and price from Philosophy, I’m not sure the price difference is worth it.

Do you have a favourite shower gel? Are their any cheaper dupes that you prefer to an expensive version? Let me know down below! 🙂

Happy Blogging!

Images and products from Philosophy and Boots


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