Christmas Advent…8!


Hello Everyone,

Next Friday I get the keys to my new home, yay! Today we gave been busy traipsing around home base and Ikea for bits and bobs. It is hard to know where to start, moving into an empty house. Today I realised I won’t even have a toilet roll holder! Amongst the stress and worry of gathering the corrects items, I managed to find a couple of pretty things to make my new home a little Christmassy. Now I realise this doesn’t strictly come under beauty or fashion, but they are beautiful and fashionable so I’m hoping you will let me off. In the past my Christmas decorations have been quite bright and multicoloured,so this year I wanted to go with something a little more chic.

These lovely Christmas decorations were from Ikea and cost £10 each. One is a very cute modern wreath with dangling padded hearts to hang on our new front door, and the other is a box of mixed tree decorations, all made from paper. I love the little heart shapes and the ones that look like the bows you put on presents. Sadly I can’t show you a picture of them on the tree we don’t have one at the moment; waiting to move in!

What decorations have you gone for this Christmas?

Happy Blogging, xxx


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