Christmas Advent…7!


Hello Everyone,

Today I wanted to share an amazing blogger/vlogger/twitterer with you; EssieButton (Estée)
Now, I think it is fair to say that I am a little obsessed with this young lady and her blog. When I started watching vlogs a while back, I came across many great make up artists and fashion gurus. I hope Essie wouldn’t mind me saying that she is not actually either of these, but she does know her stuff and more importantly she gives her honest opinions and recommendations in the most amusing way! I giggle aloud to myself watching her videos, buy things I have seen she likes, twitter her probably way too often, and tell everyone I know about her! Yes, it is a little worrying, and I appreciate that. I admit to forgetting that she isn’t actually my friend, and apologise to those friends who often have me refer to “my friend essie”, when I am shopping with them…ooops! #stalker

Anyway,enough of my babbling. EssieButton writes about makeup, clothes, candles,travel, home and life with her man. Her beautiful blog is simple, funny and makes me want to shop, so I think ( if you haven’t already) you should go straight over to her blog or YouTube channel and get totally addicted like me as soon as you can!

Check her out: @essiebutton. YouTube/essie button

Happy Blogging! Xxx.


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