Christmas Advent… 6!


Hello Everyone,

Day 6 already and it’s been a busy one. I really wanted to show you my accidental discovery that I have now added to my fave nail polish look list ( hmm I don’t actually have a physical list…future post?)

A few weeks ago I painted my nails in one of my favourite polishes of this Autumn; Rimmel’s At Ease. In my usual rush, I smudged two of my nails minutes before going out. In a panic I covered the nails in a thin layer of my Topshop Silver Glitter. Throughout the evening I received many compliments on my nails and soon realised how beautiful glitter nail polish looks over a neutral pink, grey or light brown.

Below are my two favourite looks: Rimmel – At Ease on the left, and Maybelline 771 with a coat of TopShop Ice Crush Glitter create an elegant party look to match any Christmas day or evening outfit! This glitter polish is fantastic. It has the perfect balance of smaller glitter particles and chunkier hexagon ones; it is also a bargain price!
Today I painted the two colours on alternate nails. Let me know what you think.


Happy Blogging! Xxx


4 thoughts on “Christmas Advent… 6!

      1. Glitter Mama

        Hope they have it in Ireland, writing it down in my ”to buy” list. Any of the ones I’ve looked at recently are to watery or too colourful you know, very hard to find a nice silver one x

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