Christmas Advent…4!


Hello Everyone,

It is still early December but in the UK the frosty weather is approaching and it is time to pull out the extra warm clothing!

I love the Christmas jumpers around this year. They can be worn for the whole season as there are a variety of colours (not just greens and red), and the patterns are beautiful (not many Santas about).

I have had a look around the net and have chosen my 6 favourite Christmas jumpers for you to take a look at! I really want to buy one… Now I just have to choose which one!

1. Marks & Spencer £31.60 (sale)
2. LoveClothing £32
3. Next £38
4. H&M £24.99
5. BooHoo £15
6. ASOS £35

Have you got a Christmas jumper? Send moment below with links to any pics you have, and if you fancy having your pic on this post let me know and I will pop it on! 🙂

Happy Blogging! Xxx

I have been sent this fab pic of a readers home made jumper. They cut a felt picture and then pushed poundland lights through! Amazing fun! I think i may have to make one for my work charity Christmas jumper day! 🙂 Thanks Kathleen!



2 thoughts on “Christmas Advent…4!

  1. Jessica

    I love 4 and 2:) I found a cute panda sweater at an estate sale, it might just be a good Christmas jumper! (I posted it on my blog under estate sale if you’d like to check out the pic) Cheers and stay warm!


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