Christmas advent…3!


Hello Everyone,

Today’s advent is a beauty tip.

I have watched vlogs before where the discussion of shaving is a bit of a taboo, but to me it is just a pain and I have no worries voicing my thoughts about it to the public , hehe.

I have always found that whatever product I have used for shaving my legs; foams, body washes, creams , i have always been left with an itchy rash and little red dots 😦

A while back I bought a few natural oil products that I had read about for my hair.Although the almond oil worked well in my hair, the virgin olive oil was just a little to greasy and heavy so I left it on the side of the bath, lonely and unused.

One morning I had run out of shaving foam. Remembering that I had used baby oil once to shave my legs, I called upon the olive oil to shave and for the last few months I have used nothing else! Even though it doesn’t lather up, the blade glides along my leg as the oil is such a good lubricant, and the smooth silky feeling that is left is wonderful. Biggest advantage… No rash! Yay!

Olive oil has so many health and beauty benefits, but this one is definitely my new fave!

Try it and let me know what you think!

Happy Blogging, xxx


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