Christmas Combo Giveaway!

Hello Everyone,

I’m am so excited this morning! I woke up to find a 100 count followers on my blog. I have been enjoying blogging so much recently. I could do it all day everyday, sadly I have other work that I have to do which gets in the way of me having fun.

When I first started blogging, I remember the first follower I had made me all giddy and childlke. I was amazed that someone actually wanted to read the words on my page. Now I have 100 it feels fantastic. I just can’t imagine how all those people that have hundreds of thousands feel. It is such a cool thing to be a part of.

Anyway, I’m sure it was the title of this post that drew you in here today so I guess I should get to the point. A few posts ago, I was very close to getting 100 followers, and due to the success and enjoyment I got from my last giveaway, I decided that if I reached 100 before Christams I would have another one. So here I am, all joyous and ready to launch.

I have decided to make this giveaway a Christmas Combo! I will be using your comments to help me to go out and buy the items that would make the perfect evenings makeup look. That way, whoever wins will hopefully feel that they had a little part in choosing the products they will receive.

The giveaway will run from now until 1st Dec, that exciting Christmas month, and is open to anyone, anywhere. I am looking forward to reading your responses and for having a reason to go shopping, hehe.

Until then, enjoy more posts and Happy Blogging,



20 thoughts on “Christmas Combo Giveaway!

  1. sjvella

    It tough to choose what I want without giving any options, well I would love to own at least on M.A.C item because I hear a lot about how good their make up is and unfortunately we don’t have in Malta but I know that their make up is quite expensive too. But there are also a lot of brands which we don’t have here and I would love to try out like Mary Kay, Cover girl, urban decay or Wet n wild. In the end I would be happy with any type of make up 🙂 but would love to try out brands that we don’t have here.

  2. LoveAnela

    The type of make up products that would make my make up perfect is a good mini kit of the essentials for a nice natural look or a good lip gloss and mascara are usually my essentials!

  3. Glitter Mama

    Well done hun, I know the feeling of excitement everytime I get a new follower :)) Well I’m ure it’s no surprie but anything glittery make my perfect Christmas make-up 😀 xx

  4. Zunaira

    A deep gold glittery eye colour, warm red-tone blush and red lipstick looks so stunning and so christmas-y! yay! my favourite time of year!! x


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