I caught the Blogging Bug!

This week I have been pondering the identity of my blog.

When I first set our to blog, my aim was to share my thoughts and ideas about beauty and fashion (hence the blog title). I love blogging product reviews, wish lists, HAULS, OOTD’s and other beauty/fashion posts. Recently I have also had the urge to blog about other subjects that I don’t feel fit into to the frombeauty2fashion title, and this is where my pondering began!

I read many blog tip sites that keeping your blog to a specific subject is key to pleasing your audience, so how do I add blogs about other parts of my life without losing the readers that I already have for my beauty/fashions posts?

In the early stages of my obsession with reading blogs and watching Vlogs, I came across a beautiful lady named Anna on youtube who made videos on her diet and outfits for the week. Over time I became engrossed in her videos, and as her youtube channels evolved, I found my self watching and enjoying her everyday life, the birth of her child, and the hilarious antics with her husband and dogs. I noticed that to seperate their different subjects, youtubers have different channels.
Visit Anna’s Vlogs here: thestylediet and leflooftv

I then realised that the key to expanding my posts would be create myself a sister blog. I decided to name my new blog FromHeart2Home which links to the title of my current beauty blog but can include the random posts I have been longing to write.

Having two blogs is of course going to be a bit of brain boggle, and may mean I will have slightly less posts on each than when I just had one. But this is something I really want to do, and that is what blogging is all about. As organsisation is not my strong point, and I already have a job that requires hours of thinkging and paperwork, I decided to invest in a new diary.

Check out my new beauty! This is a FiloFax bought from ebay. It is A5 sized with a birght purple case and is full of diary pages, colourful notepaper, to do lists and an address book.

One thing was missing. A blog planner. I searched the net for something to help me to arrange the many blog posts that float around in my head during the week. I discovered a site written by a lady who homeschools her chldren, and amongst her fantastic array of planning templates I found a Confession Of A Homeschooler. It really is very pretty and includes everything I need to plan my blog each week, yay!

Now, I can plan both of my blogs and hopefully those who are like me and enjoy nosing into the lives of other people, can follow and read both of them.
To take a look at my new blog, please visit From Heart 2 Home or click on the button in the sidebar.

Thanks for reading everyone,

Happy Blogging,
🙂 xxx


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