Cooking up a Retro Kitchen


December brings us a new adventure as we have just bought our first house! Excited!

Paper work and banking is very dull and my weak patience means I need to find ways to occupy my mind whilst waiting for the keys!

This week I watched an episode of Kirstie’s Vintage Home on channel 4. They painted and destressed some brightly coloured chairs and I thought they were fantastic! For those of you who don’t already know, I love crafts, baking and painting just as much as I do clothes and makeup, so this program got me all excited and inspired!

Visit Kirstie’s Vintage Home

I then spent a few hours searching the web for funky retro bits to put into my new kitchen. Bits and bobs that would already go with the white brick tiles, the wooden butchers block, and the white shelving unit that we already have.

I thought I would share this little mood board with you, and see what you all think!

If I buy any of the products, I will be sure to post about them and my new kitchen. Until then I shall continue to browse ideas for other rooms.

Happy Blogging all!



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