Mink Inspired Trio


Hello Everyone,

November’s GLOSSYBOX has been so much fun already! I am so excited about the products, and today I was particularly inspired by one of them.

The Nails Inc, Porchester Square polish is beautiful. It is an elegant mink (mauve/grey) colour that will go with any outfit and colour combination. There are so many bold autumnal colours at the moment, I think this a lovely calmer alternative.

When wearing it, I noticed it matches beautifully with a bag I have from Next,and I began to wonder why I do not have more of this colour in my life!

Above is a picture of my mink inspired trio. The bag is from Next, the nail polish from Nails Inc., and the outfit is featured on the Warehouse website.

Please do let me know what you think. Do you have any clothing items in this colour?

Happy blogging,


Visit Next
Visit Nails Inc
Visit Warehouse


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