I Love Blazers!


Hello Everyone, I have been blogging an awful lot of beauty products recently, so in fitting with my blog name I thought it about time I blogged something Fashion.I wasn’t sure whether to do an OOTD, a wish list or a favourite item so I have mixed them together. Never comfy in very smart clothing, I tend to veer towards the smart/casual pieces in shops. One of my favourite ways to smartening up a casual outfit is to add a blazer. I love my blazers, and am puzzled to why I do not have a larger collection of them.

The three blazers from my wardrobe are all quite baggy/casual in fit,and this is the way I like to wear a blazer as I still like to be able to move around easily which stiff tight blazers can often restrict. They are also all pretty inexpensive, for no other reason than I often go for the quantity over quantity shop due to my budget and forever changing style fad.


Perfect for this seasons colours, I have been wearing these a great deal. Browsing the net I have found two blazers to add to my wardrobe wish list. What do you think?


Happy Blogging! 🙂


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