November GLOSSYBOX – Stocking Fillers


Hello Everyone,

With buying a house, this month, spending money on beauty products has been reduced. Needless to say, I was extremely excited at the delivery of my November GLOSSYBOX!

I am a little puzzled that the box is entitled, ‘Stocking Fillers’ as I would have expected that in the December issue, but maybe I am missing some information about the December delivery?
Anyway, I am so pleased with the contents of this months box and just couldn’t wait to show you it.
There are some brands in here that I already know and love, and also some new faces which I am excited to try.


1. Nails Inc. – Kensington Caviar in Porchester Square, rrp £11/10ml
This is a very chic colour and is described as a ‘muted mushroom ‘ shade. I have already tried it on. I love the Nail Inc.formula , especially the the darker or matte tones, as they can sometimes only need one coat and they last a long time on my nails.

2. Dermalogica – Daily Microfoliant, rrp £38.50/75g
Everytime I pass a Dermalogica stand I have to stop myself from buying something. I tell myself that I have the only skin are I need at home ( as if that normally stops me). Now I am so pleased to be able to try something from their brand, yay! It is described as a gentle exfoliation that leaves your skin smoother and brighter. I am intrigued to how it works as it is a fine powder with tiny beads of rice in, very different from my usual cream based exfoliators. I shall have to investigate and get back to you on that one.

3. Alison Claire Natural Beauty – Mango Body Butter, rrp £15/200ml
Wow, the noises I have just made testing this on my hand! It smells incredible! The texture is also extremely creamy and soaks in quickly leaving the delicious smell behind. I keep going back for another sniff. Yummy!

4. WEI Beauty – White Lotus Hydrating Face Treatment Pads, rrp £55/x6 pads
Well I can say straight away that however wonderful this product is, it will definitely not be on my shopping list for a long while. I am not sure I could justify that amount of money for 6 face pads, but hey I will enjoy this one and I have heard lots of fab things about this brand.

5. Dr Jart+ – Water Fuse Beauty Balm, rrp £18/50ml
I recently received another Dr Jart BB cream in a beauty box and found it too light to use, although the formula itself was very pleasant. This one aims to create a dewy look, which I really like so I am hoping I can use this one. If it is too light I may use it under my foundation or mix it in.

I think there are going to be a few products here that I may fall in love with so watch out for them in future posts.

Let me know if you have enjoyed your latest Beauty Box too!

Happy Blogging,



8 thoughts on “November GLOSSYBOX – Stocking Fillers

  1. Anonymous

    Ooo I’d love to know what you think of the dermalogica product. My sister had this and it dried her face out so much that no matter how much moisteriser (sp?) she used it was sore and dry. So she gave it to me and I love it. she’s fairer and paler than me, but I would have said complexion wise we were similar, so look forward to reading what you think!
    Have a good weekend love.

  2. Kittiemui

    I love the dermal ogives microfoliant! I got the same thing from my glam box from samplebox NZ last month and I use it every morning! I love the texture and it makes my skin so smooth! I have yet to receive my November box, hopefully this week!


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