Millie’s must have lashes!


Hi everyone!
I am off to Barcelona and Paris this week and thought that before I jet off I would tell you about my latest fabulous purchase. I will definately be packing these in my suitcase!

Whether you are a ‘Made In Chelsea’ fan like me, or not, you can’t deny the beauty or stunning wardrobe that this lovely lady pocesses!


Yes those legs are to die for and I am very jealous. I love this outfit. Each week I look forward to a new episode of Millie Makintosh’s show, eager to see what fabulous fashion trend she is suiting next!

How excited was I, to hear that Millie now has her own collection of false eyelashes! I had to buy some of course.

I decided to go for the Portobello lashes as they looked nicely shaped with longer lashes at the sides and a little less ‘full on’ than some of the others.

Now, I do not wear false lashes very often so when I do, I don’t want to be faffing around for ages trying to get them on. These lashes designed by Millie Makintosh sold by Noveau Lashes, are so light and easy to apply. The glue is also strong and eye friendly.

I will admit, when the lashes arrived I was worried they were a little over the top for me as they are very long and full, but once I had a applied some eyeliner and added them to the whole look, they looked fab! I couldn’t even feel them as they were so light, and they were a very flattering shape!
Now I want to try the other pairs!

To view the stunning Millie modelling the eyelashes herself, pop along to Youtube and watch pixi2woo in her makeup tutorial video!

From Portobello to Barcelona, I will make sure to take plenty of snaps for a holiday post on my return!

Until then, have a happy week and feel free to comment with any must sees in Barcelona or Paris!



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