BBC 1 – The Paradise Review


I know this is not in fitting with my usual posts but there is a slight link to fashion here, and well I just had to write about it. That is the purpose of blogging I guess!

I am always a fan of period dramas like Downton Abbey etc but this particular programme completely swept me away!
The Paradise is a drama based in the 1870’s following a complex love story and the opening of the first department store in England. Featuring a selection of old and new faces the series ventures into the twists and turns of 19th century love and retail.

Young Denise moves into town to live with her Grandfather. She soon finds a job in the new department store and finds herself inspired by the store, the clothing and the people inside. The owner of the store,Mr Moray, is quite taken by Denise, not only for her beauty but also her intelligence and ambition. He soon battles with his affections for her, his lenders daughter and his late wife.

Take a moment to consider all of the things that make the perfect period drama series. I think this has them all:

– Beautiful, powerful woman check
– Serious, rich, handsome man check
– A selection of goodies/baddies and lesson learners check
– Stunning sets and scenery check
– Fabulous costumes check
– Love, death, new life, affairs, class mixing, humour, friendship and much more check

I was transfixed from the moment I watched episode one on iplayer. I then proceeded to watch the next three episodes in one go. Now I eagerly await next week’s update from the beautiful 19th century fashion world.

So, if you haven’t seen it, do!

Happy watching bloggers! 🙂 xxx


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