Yay, it’s that time of the month I look forward to when my GLOSSYBOX arrives on my welcome mat!

Just to quickly pop back to last month, I shall of course let you know of any ‘must haves’ from the September box.

There were two favourites for me and I have actually posted about them both since!
1.Lady Gaga FAME fragrance
So sexy, I love it! I am hoping to recieve this as a gift for my birthday ( not that my boyfriend reads my blog to get the hint).
2. Vichy moisturising cream
This is a lovely scented product that leaves my face soft and smooth!

So onto the October box!
My first impression is that it is quite a good selection. GLOSSY have claimed this months box a selection of lavish treats for an indulgent cosy night in as Winter draws closer. Im not necessarily convinced that I would use these on a pamper evening as some of the products are more of a ‘day time’ treat but I am definately not dissapointed!


Dr. Jart – Premium Beauty Balm £24

I am certainly a BB cream convert this year and am looking forward to giving this a go. It smells good and feels very soft on the skin. Not quite the right colour for me but BB creams are quite forgiving as they blend in so well.

First thought score : 7/10


Yves Rocher- Moisturising Lipstick in Mauve £14.50

Dark lips are in, and this lipstick is a yummy dark mauve colour. It is also quite moisturising, highly pigmented and applied very well. The last Yves Rocher mascara from a previous GLOSSYBOX was a product a ended up buying full size so I am pleased to have another product by this brand.

First thought score: 8/10


Anatomicals grapefruit scrub £3.49

I haven’t come across this brand before and as it is cheap in full size don’t feel too spoilt as yet, however it does smell very yummy. Grapefruit is one of my fave fruity scents!

First thought score: 6/10

Skinetica – Anti-Blemish £6.99

I don’t really get spots as such, my skin issues are normally under the skin but I will have a go with this the next time I do get a blemish. If it does work it is a good price which would make it a handy go to to keep in the cupboard.
A big drawback for me is the wide opening. I have taken the lid off twice and both times I’ve ended up with my hands covered in the quite strong smelling liquid!

First thought score: 5/10

Olay- fragrance free treatement cream £29.99

I’m sure I have tried the scented version of this before although I have never been an avid Olay user. I have no reason for this except maybe Ive always seen it as a ‘mum’ product. I am looking forward to giving it a good go though and it feels quite light which I like in a moisturiser.

First thought score: 7/10

There you have it, a good selection of goodies to trial. As always I shall let you know how I get on. Keep an eye out for any of the products that may feature in later posts!

Do you use any of these products already?

Thanks for reading,
Bye bye 🙂 xx


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