A Cheeky Childish HAUL

Everyone has their own way of being childish and making themselves feel young when life is in ‘adult mode’.
My boyfriend plays with lego and rides his bike, my dad plays on computer games and my mum does colouring in!

I buy childish things! Sometimes it’s a toy, a book, or a pair of novelty socks. Yesterday it was a silly hat!
It is getting colder, and you can never ever have too many scalves and hats! So while doing boring adult shopping in Tesco, I snuck this animal beanie and snood into my basket!

There was me thinking no one would notice I was wearing a hat with whiskers and bobble ears when I ventured into London early this morning. The man at the coffee stand laughed and asked me what animal it was, many people had a cheeky look on the train, and then the poet delivering my course removed it from my head and wore it himself!
All round a cheerful good buy! Yay!

What do you do to make when you want to feel like a kid again?


8 thoughts on “A Cheeky Childish HAUL

  1. Jenna

    Amazing!!!! I saw a panda hat somewhere and it was adorable! But I couldn’t bring myself to buy it! I can’t remember where it was either! Xx


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