October Wish List!

Oh I do love to window shop, or in this case, screen shop! I have been doing the usual surfing for things I can’t afford.
This month’s wish list has a good mixture of quite possible buys and ‘not on your nelly’ products! There are also a few non beauty or fashion items which need a little explaining!

1.Revlon Nail Polish- Autumn Berry £6.49
First up is a nail polish I discovered through a simple ‘autumn nail polish’ google search!

This polish is so pretty! It is a deep red, burgandy colour with gold glitter dust in. I haven’t worn a shinmery polish for a while but this one looks perfect for Autumn nails!

2. Noble Isles shower gel £20
A few months ago I had the pleasure of receiving a sample bottle of this in a Glossybox. It is beautiful! So luxurious and expensive smelling!

I would love to know what the rest of the range smells like. I can only imagine the pear one smells like heaven.
Sadly this product is £20 for a 250ml bottle which at the moment is a bit too much. Maybe one day! It is my brithday soon!

3. YSL Volupté Sheer Candy lipstick- luscious cherry £23.50
This Summer I fell in love with the Revlon lip butters as I love bright colours but find them hard to apply without making a mess! After watching a video by EssieButton I fell in love with this YSL version of a lipstick balm.

The colour is so cute, a juicy pink red that seems to have the ability to build colour or to use as a tinted balm. Apparently it smells yummy too!

4. Millie Makintosh lashes- Portabello £8.99
I have been coverting these lashes since I first spotted then on Millie’s twitter feed.

I have since read so many reviews celebrating the natural look and feel of them. The Portabello style are the ones I fancy. They look full yet light. I would love to hear from anyone that has tried them.

5.Lady Gaga Fame perfume £24.50 30ml

If you read my latest Glossybox review you will see my enthusiam for this fragrance. I have already used up my sample and am hoping to hint at my boyfriend to buy me this for my up coming birthday!

It smells so good, even though it feels so bad. The deep floral scent is not something I would normally go for but this smells so luxurious and sexy.

6. Liz Earle cleanse and polish – Lavender £19.75
Oh golly this excites me! As you may already know I am religious member od the Liz Earle fan club and use the cleanse and polish everyday!

Of course I am extremely eaher to get this limited edition that contains lavender as well as all the other beautiful ingredients that the orignal does. I am eager for my current bottle to run out so that I can say I need to go and buy it.

7 & 8
Aside from beauty and fashion I have had a very busy few weeks hunting for a house for my boyfriend and I. This has been as many of you will know, both exciting and a little stressful! Adding a set of house keys to my wish list is therefore a must. I am always unsire of how far to venture from beauty and fashion here but let me know i you fancy any further updates on this situation.
In addition to the house hunt, I have decided that if and when we do get a house I would like a little doggy friend to keep me company in it! Now I have never been a hige fan of dogs but recently visited a friend with a very cute one and I instantly felt the need to obtain one as soon as possible! This wosh may not last very long once I begin to consider the practocality, but for now I like the idea of a cute fluffy companion!

There you have it, my October wish list!
Do you have any of these items?

Come back soon,

Love Shali 🙂 xx


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