Awesome App!


I just had to share an awesome app with you guys! I use it all the time whether i’m creating post pics, mood boards or pics for fun!


pic collage can be found in the itunes app store, and it’s free!

I have so much fun choosing a background, adding borders to pics or cutting and rearranging photos to look fab!

Here are some of the ways I have used the app! 🙂






Do you have a ‘must have’ app?
What do you use it for?

Thinking of doing an app of the month! What do you think?

Have a lovely eve! 🙂


One thought on “Awesome App!

  1. Glitter Mama

    Wonder is this available on Android must check it oit, looks fun. My one app I use most is Ovuview, every woman needs it!! 🙂 Oh and Irish Cabbage-it’s an app here for in Ireland you can sent your free webtxtx from your fone, so handy!


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