Softest Skin Dream Team


It has taken me a looooong time to find this perfect team of facial treats!

Firstly I would like to say that my skin has never been prone to spots so I cannot promise this collection will work for very bad skin. However, I do recommend giving it a go whatever your skin type as it worked a treat on me!

I have combination skin that changes alot with the weather and hormones! Last year I was suffering from ‘bumpy forehead’ and had trouble removing my makeup.

I heard about Liz Earle cleanse and polish from a friend and had a go! Although I will have a go at trying new or tester products now, I haven’t changed my daily cleanser since. It leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft, removes makeup and got rid of any dry skin areas that I had.

Sadly my ‘bumpy forehead’ would not clear up. I think this was mainly caused by foundation but however clean Liz Earle made my skin, it couldn’t get deep into my pores to clear up the problem!

One day when watching a A model recommends VLOG, I discovered Alpha H- Liquid Gold Now, any product with glycolic acid in has scared me off in the past, but this product is just Fantastic! I swept this liquid across my face, felt a tiny tingling (nothing uncomfortable atall) and slept! After two days, my ‘bumpy forehead’ had dissapeared completely! I now use this product three times a week and the problem has never returned!

I have many moisturisers and they are all lovely, but Vichy face cream is beautiul! It smells delicious and leaves my skin so silky smooth!

I really didn’t want to buy into the BB cream hype, but after my holiday my skin was so tanned and clear that I didn’t need a foundation. I tried this Maybelline BB cream and it is perfect! A little dewy, light coverage and it seems to keep my skin fresh and clear!

So there you have it, my perfect products for the softest skin I have managed so far!

See a little evidence below 🙂

Thanks for reading!
Do go and visit A model recommends website and VLOG! She knows her stuff!



4 thoughts on “Softest Skin Dream Team

  1. fortheloveofgloss

    Your skin looks great! I’ve recently started using the Maybelline BB Cream as well. I’m pleasantly surprised by how well it works, especially considering the price!

    1. frombeauty2fashion Post author

      I know! It is so quick and easy to apply. Did have to use a foundation this week though (hormonal skin lol) but will be using it for everyday makeup for a while i think! 🙂
      Thanks for commenting! Come back soon 🙂 xx


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