New Brand – Phoenix Botanicals

I am very excited by this new brand spotted on a site given to me by a friend. I do love trying new things, especially if I get to them before a hype, hehe. As I am in a very giving mood, I thought I would share it with you too!

A new brand available from Etsy,Phoenix Botanicals sounds lovely. Full of natural products and my favourite scents, I will be purchasing something to try as soon as possible. The packaging looks so pretty too.


Who doesn’t adore a good lipbalm? These do look lovely, especially the wild rose one.
Here is the description from etsy’s of the product:

Nourishing and moisturizing lip balm with a subtle fresh rose scent.

I formulated this Wild Rose balm to absolute sensuousness and perfection.
Made with handpicked wild roses and rose hips, in nourishing organic olive oil and organic shea butter. Rose is a beautifying skin toner and moisturizer, with an uplifting fragrance. Rose and rose hips heal skin damage, scars, and irritation. Also lovely as a moisturizer for the face and eye area.

The company also do some other products which sound interesting. The little tubs and tubes are so cute, and who can argue when they are organic and the packaging is eco friendly!

What do you think? 🙂

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Thanks for reading! Xx


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