To Jolie or Not To Jolie?


So I am am sitting on my sofa waiting for what can only be described as horrible clear gloop to dry on my face. Just one of Jolieboxes dissapointing products from this month’s box!
At first I thought that maybe my most recent Glossybox was just so awesome that it over shadowed this one, but now I have tried to use the one product that I thought should be ok, I am wondering if I want to continue with Jolie. I have only had two Jolieboxes (both not great) and am wondering if anyone who has had more in the past has had any better ones?

I will show you the very small and frankly pathetic items from my box.


I love … Face mask
Well firstly I do not Love! Now I love a face mask, and although I do normally go for clay based ones I am open to creamy or peely ones. This one describes itself as a peel mask but surely in order to peel a mask off it has to be able to spread across the face first! This gloopy mess reminds me of a putty I used to play with when I was young and was impossible to spread over my face. Yuk!

Balmi- lip balm
I get that these round lip balms are a fun gimick and yes it is cute and smells of strawberry but I wouldnt say it was amazing and am not sure I would choose to use it over my other balms. I will let you know about this one later on.


Twistband- hair tie
I feel like this is a made up product made from scrap elastic! Hmmm…

Dr bragi- bio marine exfoliant
I hope this product is amazing as the pea sized amount seems very stingey! Have a feeling I may lose it before I get the chance to try it!

Redken- align straightening lotion
I am banking on this being the star product of the box! Very hard to get lid off but smells good. I dont straighten my hair much but will try this out soon.

I feel like I have been a right meany this month! I am just not impressed. I am paying for it after all and it is a bit rubbish to not be wowed by something you wait a whole month to recieve!

Please do leave a comment below..What do you think?!
To Jolie or not to Jolie?

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Now peeling mask off… Owww!!


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