September Glossy Box- My Thoughts

I am very pleased to announce my excitement for this month’s GlossyBox!
Last month I was a little disappointed and sadly do not have an item to show you from it that I enjoyed and would buy again!
This box however pleases me greatly, and I haven’t even used it all yet! Every item is high end and luxurious. I have already used some of them and am very eager to indulge in the rest!
The box is also very very pretty! 🙂
Let’s have a look:
Maghrabian hair oil
I am having a real go at using natural products in my hair at the moment (see previous posts) and although this isn’t quite that, it is a hair oil which I have found is a great product for sorting out dry and damaged hair and helps growth.I haven’t tried this yet but is has quite a pleasent smell and I look forward to enjoying the treat!

Vichy – Idealia day care cream
I am very excited about this! I have heard about this brand before and it has always been a little out of my price range. I have used it a couple of times now and love it! The smell is subtle and rosey and the texture is light and soft. A definate winner!

Balance Me- wonder eue cream
Another expensive brand that has impressed me so far! Although I haven’t used enough yet to judge its ‘wonder’ for the eyes, it does apply lightly around the eye and leaves a soft cool feeling behind.

Lady Gaga- Fame fragrance
Im not sure what I expected this to smell like and I am not usually a fan of strong floral scents but this is such a Wow frangrance! It is a very sexy, deep scent and to me it smells ‘expensive’. I think this will be my new ‘going out’ perfume!

Rodial- Glamaxy Snake serum & 5 minute facial
I have never heard of this brand (should I have?) but it sounds interesting and I do love a clay based face mask!

I am thoroughly impressed with this months box and have a feeling I will be reporting back some favourites very soon!

Did you get this box? What do you think of the products?

I would love to hear what your thoughts are so please take a sec to let me know!

Back soon,


2 thoughts on “September Glossy Box- My Thoughts

  1. Mel

    Im getting the Fame perfume sample soon (its not released in SA yet) to review. Can’t wait to see what it smells like 🙂 Thank goodness it doesn’t smell like ‘blood and semen’ – yikes


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