Beauty is Being Happy!?

I hope it is fair to say that the people around me think of me as a ‘happy’ person. This is obviously a lovely thing but of course noone can be happy all the time and I have undoubtedly had my ups and downs.
Generally though, I do feel high spirited and like to think that this, in its own way, makes me more beautiful than I would be otherwise!

There are a few main aspects of my life that I think contribute greatly to my happiness. I have read many blogs about happiness and how people manage theirs, but I think mine may differ to most. Of course I love friends, family,my boyfriend and making others smile, but without the following four points, I don’t think I would ever be quite as happy within myself.
To others they may seem shallow or random but here goes…


1. Being silly and laughing- a lot!!
I am, and always have been completely bonkers! There is nothing more uplifting to me than spending some time being extremely silly! Generally embarrasing myself in public without even realising it is the way I work and to be honest I don’t mind what others think, and only hope they will join in!
Mad as a hatter, that’s me! Having a giggle, when let’s face it life is hard, can make anything that little bit better!

I love singing, to the point where I spend so much of my day doing it that I am very unaware of when I am humming a tune in a silent room. This includes the amount of times I have been recognised in a toilet cubicle due to my humming!
Singing, no matter how good or bad you are at it, is an awesome thing! Music helps us deal with every emotion, and If I had it my way, my day to day life would be a musical, played out by myself and all the people around me!
There are others like me too!
This year I joined a local choir where most of the members seem as positive, as crazy and as in love with music as me! How fantastic!

3. Food
Oh Gosh! Food is amazing! When people ask me what my hobbie is, I tend to saying eating! I love ‘real’ food and have made the decision that food is something important enough to me to set quite a large part of my monthly budget aside for it!
I do also enjoy baking, mainly cupcakes, as they can be made to look very pretty, which always makes me smile. This also leads me onto my final point.

4. Pretty, colourful things!
Everything in my life involves a lot of colour and prettiness; My classroom, house and wardrobe are bright and cheerful, which I believe makes a great contribution to the way i feel! Creating or making anything colourful excites me. I think this is why I love fashion and makeup so much!

Let me know what makes you happy!


Please give me your thoughts ...

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