Lovely Lip Combo!

Don’t you just love it when you rediscover a beauty product that has been sitting under a pile of new buys and you remember how much you loved it!
This week, with Autumn colours returning, I came across a pretty brown toned lipgloss by maybelline. Now normally I am not a lipgloss gal but this one was such a lovely pinky brown shimmery colour that I had to have a go. My summer lipsticks have been very bright and wouldn’t go underneath it so I delved deep into the abyss of older lippies in my box and came across the perfect match for my new gloss.
The colours are quite similar and as the lipstick is shimmery but not moist, the gloss is the perfect top coat to compliment it!
I am looking forward to wearing this combo with my new Autumn wardrobe!

maybelline lipstick- brown attitude £3.25

maybelline cream gloss- coffee kiss £6.19

I would love to hear your favourite lipstick/lipgloss combos!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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