September Wish List

Summer is over, I’m back to work and the purse is slightly empty after a thrifty holiday.
I can window shop though, right? What’s the harm in spending my ‘free’ time building up a list of wanted items, some of which I will never be able to afford so my bank need not worry.

As if by magic a montage of wonderful images has appeared before me. Hmm, let’s see what we have here!

1. The oh so beautiful Micheal Kors watch – ASOS £229 (and it is my birthday soon!)

2. A delicious Estee Lauder lipstick in Coral Fantasy – H of F £19.50

3.I can’t believe a bag this expensive, or people who can afford it actually exist but I am completely in love with this Marc Jacobs leather stam bag – $1275

4.Love the colour of this Revlon nail enamel in Vintage Rose – boots £8
5.Simple and ready for accessories, I must find this Topshop £20 dress for Autumn.

6. To go with my Urban Decay Naked pallette I would like to treat myself to this single shadow in the colour ‘baked’.

I would love to know what your wish list item of the month is!

Thanks for reading! 🙂 xxx


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