Summer Skin Saviours!


Hello world! My Summer ends today and I head back to work in the morning. It’s fair to say I have had an indulgent Summer; too much food, TV and sun!
Let’s just tackle one problem at a time though ey. My skin was feeling and looking very sad. Very dry and a little peely, yuk!
There have been two products that have helped save my skin.

Balmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

This is something I already knew about and had used a few times many years ago. In ordinary skin circumstances I wouldn’t need to use such a hydrating product as it just wouldn’t soak into my skin, but for the results of this Summer it worked wonders! After showers I slapped it all over, put on my PJs and slept in the vitamin e packed balm! My boyfriend also commented a few times on the chocolatey scent it gave me! Hehe

Elizabeth Arden – Eight Hour Cream

I have carried the lip balm of this around for a long while and had resisted temptation to buy the tube version due to its price. When my skin began to fail me I used it as an excuse to ‘need’ it and it turned out I did! This magical gel ( although a little medically scented) is amazing at sorting little dry patches anywhere on the body and it worked miracles on my peely shoulders and dry lips!

I willbe saving the Balmers tub for next Summer and will be carrying my EA cream in my handbag everyday for general use!
Goodbye Summer, I had a blast! 🙂


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